By: Mike Sweeney | January 31, 2016

The mineworkers' cottages

Something I’ve always meant to do is explore alternative routes up to Raise, not least to look at ways of minimising pressure on the car park, so on a rather dreich Sunday I decided to sneak in a quick totter up from Seldom Seen and get back in time for the Carlisle-Everton FA Cup tie.

Seldom Seen is a secluded and tranquil valley just to the north of Glenridding on the west bank of Ullswater with two variants for the first part of the route up. At the southern departure point there is room for two or three cars behind the bus stop on the A592 or you can start a few hundred yards to the north from the official car park. I chose the former.

As you walk up through the woods on the south side of the valley, Glencoyne Beck can be seen through...

Category: Skiiing and Snowboarding 


By: Paul Goodwin | February 11, 2014

Looking out across to Ullswater
Looking out across to Ullswater

With very high winds forecast for Sunday, it was surprising to see such a good turnout of members in the car park. We all trudged up through the rain, which turned to sleet by the time we got to the top of the zig zags and met the full force of the forecast winds.

Those of use carrying snowboards were struggling to avoid getting scooped up by the wind and, when Mike's hat blew off, we watched him walk back down in pursuit before making our way up to the top of the chimney. We waited for there for a few minutes before leaving him for dead, making our way on and up to the hut, catching sight of Mike down in the valley, where Berhhard and pal had scooped him and his hat up.

A quick brew at the hut later and around 18 of us got stuck into digging...