By: Paul Goodwin | January 14, 2016

Would everyone please note that parking in the club car park at the Greenside Mine is limited and only available to paid-up LDSC members in winter from 1st November until 30th April. From 1st May until the following November the licence only covers work parties. A car parking sticker should be displayed in any case.

Please respect other users of the access track and avoid disturbance to local residents by observing the recommended speed limit of 5 mph. Also car share, park space-effectively (double parking where possible), and note that we should not park immediately in front of the gate leading to the rear of the hostel or by its gable end (to the right at the top of the last steep climb into the car park).
The lower areas by the hostels are not public parking areas. 

To reduce pressure on the Greenside track, please consider the alternative of parking at Stanah by Thirlmere. There are public spaces there and cheap parking at the village hall. The walk up is little further and it is a better slide down! 

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Paul Goodwin

Posted on : January 14, 2016

Hi Rob, collect your membership card and parking sticker from the tow
hut on your first visit - don't forget to take your paypal receipt
(or confirmation email if you&#39;re paying cash)<br />
<br />
If you don&#39;t have a parking sticker (yet) and want to come up the
Glenridding side, either park on the D-shaped bit of road as you turn
off the main Glenridding road or on the pay and display car park and
start walking up. Chances are you&#39;ll get a lift up to the mines from
one of the members.

Rob Holden

Posted on : January 14, 2016

how do I get a parking sticker

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