A Day in the Life of a LDSC Lifty

19.03.16 06:29 PM

The Lake District Ski Club is run entirely by volunteers. We currently have a team of approximately 10 helpers who run the tow at weekends and mid week, depending on their particular circumstances. However, we are always looking to expand the team.


Starting the generator in the tow hut

Taking out the signage

If there has been heavy snow or ice, walk up the tow to check there are no buried pomas. If there are, 

dig them out!

Prepare the tow loading area, such as adding more snow if needed or digging out if there is too much

If you joined the team, you would need to arrive on site at Raise around 10am, from which time the first members will start arriving. 

There are a number of jobs to start the day which are usually shared between the 2 or 3 volunteers helping on that day. 

The first jobs include, starting the generator, taking out the signage.

Buried pomas

Tow loading area sometimes requires snow added or taken away

Make sure the signage can be seen!

Checking the rollers on the tow

Raise is open for business!

  • check the rollers on the tow are free from ice, if there is any, remove it
  • open the toilet
  • Take out the fire extinguisher and starter

Start checking passes / taking money from members

Go up the tow and visibly check all is running well

There may be other jobs throughout the day such as adding snow to the tow line, slowing the tow if there are any children and going up the tow regularly to check all is well. At least one of the team will be positioned at the hut by the emergency shut off at all times.

James has a ski

The bonus is, because there are usually a few of us helping, we all get to have a good ski or board by sharing the work out.

At the end of the day all the signage needs to be stored away, close the engine shed down and make sure that everyone gets back down the hill safely at the end of a great day.

If you would like to get involved please contact the team for further details. webmaster@ldscsnowski.co.uk