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Getting to Glenridding

How do I get there?

The easiest and recommended way to get to Raise is from Glenridding,
a small village on the shores of Ullswater.

If you are coming from the South, then the most direct route is from junction 36 of the M6, past Windermere and over Kirkstone Pass. The Pass can get blocked during adverse weather conditions, particularly after a recent dump of snow. If in doubt or you don't have winter tyres, take the Northern route, as it won't add a great deal on to your journey time.

Coming from the North, leave the M6 at junction 40 and head for Glenridding, this will take you along the shore of Ullswater. When you get to Glenridding you need to head for Greenside Mines (turn left if you're coming from the South and right if you're coming from the North).

If you have a car pass, park in the top car park at the end of the access road. This is about a mile out of Glenridding along a rough track. This track is private and open only to users of the hostel buildings and ski club members. Space is limited and we try to minimise traffic to be good neighbours. If it is snowy at valley level, please do not attempt the track with at at least two of: winter tyres; 4WD; willing pushers; snow chains. You will only block it for others!

If you do not have a car park pass, please park in Glenridding village and hitch a lift up from a club member. By all means use our Facebook page to organise this. The 'D' loop from the A582 and back has a free parking area in winter just past the start of the Greenside Mines track which is a good place to meet.

The main club car park is beyond the wooden gate to the rear of the hostel building on the right-hand side, with other spaces o the right just before the gate. Snow chains or winter tyres can make the difference in getting over Kirkstone and up the Mines track and blocking it will not make you popular! Please respect other users of the access road and avoid disturbance to local residents by driving within the recommended speed limit of 5 mph.