New safety cable installed and a solution to the blocked loo

By - Raise Man
22.08.13 07:05 PM

Six members attended a special mini work party, which was added in to ensure that work is completed before the beginning of the season. The new cable for the safety system was installed and passed through the ducting. A great effort by all. The team also managed to get the problem with the water feed for the toilet sorted out and the work on pylon 5 for the wind turbine is now ready for it to installed at the next work meet. Most of the hangers are now ready for greasing. A very good day's work by the few for the many. Remember there is still plenty to do for the next work party - see you there.

They must have been sailors at some time
Well thats got it all to the top
Its a lot better pulling it down than up
The final end is here

Raise Man