Ski and boot clear out

04.07.14 11:08 AM

There is limited storage space for skis at the club. 27 pairs were unused last season and have been removed from the rack and placed under the benches. If you have a set of skis or boots in the club hut and you didn't use them last season, please remove them or contact the Hut Warden to reclaim them before the next workmeet scheduled for 12/13 July 2014. 

All skis unclaimed by this date will be taken down from Raise on our vehicle and stored temporarily off site. If they are not claimed within two months they will be considered as abandoned and disposed of. There is insufficient space for the hut to be used as a dumping ground for old skis. 

The Warden is Eleanor,  Email - please email Eleanor to check if you aren't sure whether your skis are on notice!

The Future: Note that all skis/boards and boots left in the hut must be identifiable with the owners name. Any unidentified equipment or equipment unused for one season will be considered as abandoned.

Paul Goodwin