The new invertor

By - Raise Man
09.11.13 04:48 PM

Saturday 9th November

4 members and 1 guest set off in fine conditions to take up the new invertor for the tow electric's.

The weather was fine until the chimney, where it started to snow giving a light covering on Raise

There is still not enough for Skiing yet hopefully this is the start of good things to come!!.

We also took details off the old invertor for Terry to look at so he can fit the new one. We are also looking at the motor on top of the departure in case we have to replace it.

Many thanks to Stuart Sharpe, George Harris, James Blacow for caring it up. Thanks also Bernie for loading and bring it up to the mines and guiding us. It is sometimes forgotten that he brings and loads the items needed in in his car!!.

looking forward for a good night at the Dinner.   




The happy crew well deserved brew
Hope this is the start of a great season again

Raise Man