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A Seldom Used route...

By Mike Sweeney

A Seldom Used route...

Something I’ve always meant to do is explore alternative routes up to Raise, not least to look at ways of minimising pressure on the car park, so on a rather dreich Sunday I decided to sneak in a quick totter up via Seldom Seen and get back in time for the Carlisle-Everton FA Cup tie.

Glencoyne is...

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Sunday 9th February 2013

By Paul Goodwin

Sunday 9th February 2013

With very high winds forecast for Sunday, it was surprising to see such a good turnout of members in the car park. We all trudged up through the rain, which turned to sleet by the time we got to the top of the zig zags and met the full force of the forecast winds.

Those of use carrying snowboards wer...

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